Our Clients

Having operated in the "retail" advisory arena for thirty years, Sojourn's founder, Steven Landis, CFP®, understands the role and needs of financial advisors. At the same time, having worked with larger, institutional managers since the 2002, Mr. Landis understands the unique needs and objectives of this group of advisors.

Only a small percentage of investors utilize technical analysis in their process. And, most investment advisors are neither aware of nor conversant in the field of technical analysis, especially when it applies to investments. Most advisors are fully-engaged with assisting their clients. As a result they have little time or opportunity to manage or become proficient at managing investments using a risk-oriented approach. As a result, most advisors choose to rely on the simplicity of "buy and hold" investing.

But, there is an alternative. Sojourn Financial Strategies is available to assist you and your firm by providing you with an effective and customizable, active approach to investing...an approach which is designed to reduce risk and grow your clients' wealth. Sojourn provides proven, technically-driven investment strategies to both investment advisors and institutional money managers.

With respect to larger, institutional managers, Mr. Landis understands the needs and objectives of these investors. One of Mr. Landis' early "advisor" clients was a relatively large "manager of managers" who utilized the services of a number of technically-driven advisors. In this case, Sojourn provided a trading strategy and "signals" which were executed by the advisor's trading desk.

Our various strategies, equity and fixed income, "long" and "short", provide low-correlated approaches to managing risk and return. All of our strategies are designed to assist you and your clients in protecting investments from excessive losses during volatile markets.